These winning partnerships are based on careful listening and mutual trust. Rivolier provides expertise and skills to enhance the brands in the field and adhere to their image.

  • Legal expertise: monitoring by specialists of all the weapon-related regulation publications on a daily basis. Rivolier maintains regular contacts with the Comité Guillaume Tell or the French Ministry of Interior to inform suppliers of changes in the legislation.
  • Market expertise: thanks to an extensive network of dealers, Rivolier has gleaned in-depth knowledge of the hunting market and its regional characteristics (hunting mode, product preferences, etc.).
  • Technical expertise: the 3 gunsmiths of the workshop can handle certain repair work, maintenance or the supply of spare parts to dealers. Rivolier also has a shooting range for on-site weapon testing.
  • Management expertise: capacity to forward-think the demand to prevent stock shortages and to study the sales cycles: the Rivolier teams know the products and their end users inside out.
  • Support expertise: for weapons with wood involved, Rivolier can provide a selection of species of wood and present it to the dealer to help end users in their choice. This is for top-of-the-range weapons where our expertise and service come into play.

Rivolier distributes a whole range of technical clothes and footwear for the hunting world. These articles go hand in hand with the weapon offerings in order to be the must-have high-end partner when it comes to hunting.

Vincent Poirot, Director of the Consumer Optics Division.
We deal with clients who are passion-driven. We have to be able to talk about the product as well as everything that goes with it. We distribute products that spark a lot of emotions whether for hunting, birdwatching or photography. You must know what you are talking about. This is why we have teams of experts who are technical sales people and most often users themselves”.