The switch to the Assembler-Integrator profession represents a strategic turning point in the role we play, shifting our focus from a product-orientated use to a use-orientated product.

This orientation could not happen without Rivolier’s powerful resources:

  • Human resources

Rivolier can boast ultra-specialised manpower forming a sound basis to develop crosscutting skills and providing global vision. The cutting-edge expertise is crossed with global knowledge in order to approach each technical issue with the consistency of the product in mind (relevance, efficiency, compatibility, weight, price, etc.)

  • Logistic resources

Rivolier has doubled its storage capacity (5000 m²), with a loading platform and an expanded IT management tool to instantly identify the products, the brands, the supplies and the stock status. It guarantees a reliable process and thus the traceability of each set of equipment.

  • Active resources

The quick response time of the Rivolier teams represents a second-to-none asset. The company is capable of harnessing and pooling a broad spectrum of in-house skills. The diversity of the company’s professions gives rise to constant experience sharing resulting in good working practices. It also vouches for its financial stability.