Rivolier has always been dedicated to building a partnership, one that is strong, sustainable and bolstered by jointly-achieved successes. REMINGTON represents a cooperation spanning more than 50 years, SIG-SAUER, FIOCCHI and BUSHNELL more than 25 years..

This partnership is based on an innovative internal organisation where each Product Manager has a key role to play. They head their own Business Unit independently, backed by the pooled capacities of the Group. They are the expert and the adviser of their brand. This builds a relation of trust with the partners prompting daily dialogue, subsequently giving rise to innovations, modifications and adaptation to ever-changing markets.

In this business which is highly controlled and of a rare level of stringency, our teams avail of up-to-the-minute work tools in order to meet with these quality and turnaround requirements.

Arnaud van Robais, Chairman
Man is key to Rivolier’s success. We do not manufacture, we sell a service and only men and women can do this. Our N° 1 ranking in France in the Nature sector is down to the men and women who have built this success from the ground up. The company’s growth is driven by all their talents: beyond the boundaries of the workplace, I believe in initiative and personal fulfillment to create value. Rivolier remains an SME, proud of its family atmosphere and its Saint-Etienne roots.