Rivolier has drawn from its weapon manufacturing past to transfer its must-have stringency and precision to this sector.

Rivolier’s Security-Defense section is dedicated to servicing all the security-oriented professions:

  • Police
  • Customs
  • Gendarmerie
  • Firefighters
  • Armies
  • Bomb disposal units
  • Medical

Our thorough knowledge of the market and our product expertise make us versatile across a wide array of activities:

  • B2B distribution of military, security, law enforcement, EOD and IEDD equipment
  • Technical advice
  • Sale of weapons, ammunition, optronics
  • Optronics
  • Technological watch
  • Stringent selection of products and signing of exclusive distribution agreements
  • Exclusive distribution agreements
  • Strong partnerships with suppliers


The current changes in our professions drive us to seek integrated and all-round solutions for special operations. This new Assembler-Integrator activity is a natural transition for us, backed by our knowledge and skills in Security and Defense as well as our proactive technological watch capacity.

Rivolier’s Security-Defense section is divided into three centres:

  • the sales and logistics centre on the St Just-St Rambert site
  • the showroom of the Equipol line, designed for the municipal police units of Nice
  • the training centre for the armed forces with the Simunition facility in Lorient.

Rivolier can also boast responsive, specialised and multi-profession teams tuned to the public forces:

  • permanent analysis of calls for tender thanks to dedicated IT tools
  • identification of the requirements of authorities and guidelines
  • ongoing market surveys, sometimes in association with a supplier to forward-think new product designs

Rivolier stands alone as a high-level service provider thanks to sound and long-lasting partnerships enabling it to showcase the quality and technicality of the products distributed. Rivolier also manages the after-sales service, either in its workshop or with regard to suppliers.

Fabien Denis, Director of the Security-Defense Division
We supply a huge variety of products in weapons as well as peripheral equipment such as gloves, vests, etc. We distribute 150 brands either through direct sales to the Authorities via calls for tender or through our network of 250 dealers in France. This division represents 35 to 40% of the turnover and rounds up a staff of 14 people.