The Security-Defense section includes a comprehensive range of products. Each reference has been selected for its quality, reliability and ability to meet with the requirements of the security forces.


  • Personal protection: bulletproof vests, hearing protection, tactical goggles and masks, gloves, footwear
  • Defense: aerosols, clubs, handcuffs, cases
  • Collective equipment: Atex torches and area lighting


  • Weapons: handguns, long guns, less than lethal weapons, training weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Communication
  • Optics: binoculars, laser range finders, rifle scopes, spotters

New technologies

  • Reconnaissance: drones, endoscopes
  • Communication: full-duplex equipment
  • Optronics: light intensifiers, thermal imaging

Rivolier has a Training Centre dedicated to the authorities or security companies providing training in conditions similar to real life for their personnel.

The training takes place with special weapons and ammunition, Simunition equipment also distributed by Rivolier:

  • conversion kits for handguns and long guns
  • marking ammunition
  • dummy weapons
  • protection for combat sport training