Rivolier has been part and parcel of the French hunting scene since 1830. This former weapons manufacturer gained its benchmark status through its products, the strength of its logistics and an innovative level of service.

Rivolier boasts all-round civil and military expertise from sports shooting to very high precision shooting. It has amassed detailed and in-depth knowledge of the segmentation of this market from its exclusive and demanding clients.

Innovation, bespoke technical solutions and after-sales service: Rivolier is dedicated to its clients.

Hunting and nature are part of Rivolier’s DNA. The company inherited its level of stringency and taste for excellence from its past as a weapons manufacturer. Now as a distributor, Rivolier can boast a very strong partnership with global brands.

Practically all of the Rivolier brands are distributed on an exclusive basis. This partnership is built on trust, gained over time thanks to the dedication and expertise of our teams:

  • the Product Managers do not make do with distributing the products to gunsmiths, they drive the brands via strategic initiatives: media communication, shows, sponsoring, hunting guide ambassadors, special projects in association with dealers (creation of limited editions), etc.
  • The teams provide regular feedback to suppliers on the market developments, end user expectations and how new products are received, etc. As France represents the biggest European hunting market, Rivolier’s knowledge of this market is a precious asset to manufacturers.

Alexandre Van Robais, CEO.
Our strength as a distributor lies with the manpower: the expertise of the Product Managers, the relevance of the sales people, the efficiency of the logistics. We are ever striving for an optimum and innovative level of service. Our hunting team is young, dynamic and keen. Passion counts for a lot in this profession.