Observation lens technology is a natural follow on to hunting. This sector is related to gunsmiths, opticians, photographers and sport & nature stores alike. This broad segmentation corresponds to an extensive public with a shared love for nature: hunters, birdwatchers and nature lovers (LPO, Frapna, associations for watching and protecting species, FNAC, lens stores, opticians).

The iconic Zeiss brand of this Rivolier sector meets with the sensitivity of these different publics. We are a genuine partner to Zeiss for which we showcase the innovations and feed back the customer expectations.

Rivolier has strived to provide customers with an optimum after-sales services. Specific agreements have been entered into to reduce delivery times, to have a dedicated team and a stock of spare parts on the Rivolier premises, bespoke designs and all free of charge.

This undertaking with Zeiss is key as Rivolier is now the first partner to Zeiss to distribute lenses for photography and the cinema. These products are popular with photographers, producers and production companies thanks to the Zeiss top of the range quality.

Rivolier’s lens expertise also represents added value in the Turnkey integrator profession. Our teams make their expertise available to the department tasked with drawing up specific technical solutions to accomplish Security and Defence missions.

11/09 – Salon de Photo
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