Rivolier has succeeded in becoming a Turn-key integrator thanks to its hardcore experience gained since the nineties. Its experts have established a global network of the best suppliers and pursue a proactive technical watch to-forward think, test and assess the slightest innovation.

This in-depth market knowledge enables us to come up with spot-on responses, to identify the right components and to position our offerings correctly with key objectives in mind: reliability, quality, relevance.

All the teams are involved in this Turn-key integrator job. The transferable skills this requires means Rivolier can stand out:

  • responsiveness
  • flexibility
  • fluidity
  • experience
  • knowledge
  • anticipation
  • capacity to identify the skills required and to harness them immediately

GCA Olivier de Bavinchove, Adviser to the Chairman:

As a Turnkey integrator, we dedicate our expertise to the government officers in the Security and Defense fields. These are difficult tasks and we have to find the right equipment in order to fulfil each mission. We take our job very seriously to find the best suppliers and to guarantee the reliability and quality of our offerings: the government officers have high-risk missions to accomplish and it is our duty to provide them with the best.