Damage Control

From war medicine focused on the management of hemorrhagic shock to pre-hospital emergency civilian practice, there was only one step: the terrorist attacks that hit our country helped to make it happen. Our distribution partnerships with the biggest international brands (CAT Resources, SAM Medical, North American Rescue, Water-Jel, Haltémo, etc.) ensure that you can count on the most proven products when you really need them.


The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has shown that in terms of individual protection, anticipation is decisive. Healthcare professionals, administrative agents or economic actors: we offer a complete range of protection solutions adapted to your needs. Individual protection, collective protection, disinfection of buildings or vehicles: we certainly have the solution you need.


Because we often don’t know what we’re going to face until we find out, each of us makes sure we have the equipment we may need. To pack, transport and use it intuitively and intelligently, we offer a complete range of innovative, proven and easy-to-disinfect storage solutions.

Training package

Our training solutions include high-fidelity trauma dummies that vividly recreate the injuries of a polytrauma victim and immediately project the trainee into the situation. We also offer “task trainers” modules that allow for targeted training on a technical gesture or on a particular limb. Finally, we are exclusive distributors of TrueClot products, the only artificial blood on the market that faithfully reproduces the coagulation process.