In order to meet with the highly specific requirements of this field, Rivolier has a unit specialised in regulated weapons. This team is consulted for:

  • handguns not classified as hunting weapons but accessible to sport shooters
  • Security – Defense weapons

Rivolier works with iconic brands: SigSauer, Remington, Bushmaster, etc. and provides an all-round service when it comes to the products, from the selection to the after-sales.

  • Technical expertise: the specialised team works in close liaison with the sales people to ensure full transfer of the technical knowledge or to perform physical demonstrations of weapons for the military services.
  • Market expertise: our specialists draw up sheets listing the French market requirements and the weapons likely to match them (weapons + ammunition). They then work on the pricing and the marketing.
  • Legal expertise: the French legislation is very strict for all that is weapon-related. The team also provides explanations on the restrictions of sales and changes in regulations.
  • Support expertise: the team attends the trade fairs to build business relations (Shot Show in Las Vegas, Iwa in Nuremberg). Our expertise and knowledge of the field are precious to manufacturers: we can inform them of the special features of the French market and the expectations of the target public with a view to designing a special series for instance.

We are also proactive during open days with gunsmiths to provide technical advice.

Regulated Weapons Product Manager
Sport shooting is a widespread activity encompassing certain Olympic disciplines. It is also an extremely regulated field. Every six months we draw up a statement of sales which lists each weapon sold (unique code), the client and date of purchase”.