SERT is designed for dealers: independent stores, franchises and chains with whom it maintains sound and long-standing partnerships.

Coming up with new products means being able to harness trends and provide matching ranges. Each product is worked on at length to ensure one-of-a-kind specifications and design. A specialised team then takes care of the marketing.

SERT produces 5 major brands per type of fishing:

  • GARBOLINO: pole fishing, trout, predatory fish
  • SAKURA: salt and freshwater lure fishing
  • PROWESS : carp
  • SUNSET: natural bait saltwater fishing, surf and on board
  • SERT: generalist brand for all angling techniques

SERT also distributes 2 brands in Europe (BIWAA lures, ANATEC bait boats) and 4 brands in France (Japanese GAMAKATSU  hooks, RYOBI reels, Japanese FUJI guides, US YAMAMOTO lures for black bass).

Cédric Burgé, Rivolier Group Operations Director
“Being fully focused on Europe and the Mediterranean market, SERT targets all anglers eager to live their passion to the full. From leisure angling to international competition level products, our teams of designers create ever high-performance products on a day to day basis. Our job is all about meeting with the expectations of our customers both in terms of products as well as service by ensuring quality monitoring and support.